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Payout Rewards9.5
Features & Functionality9
User Experience8.5
Withdrawal Speed10
Site Information
  • Claim Rewards: 70 to 500+ satoshi
  • Claim Frequency: 5min & less
  • Payments: Balance / Direct
  • Withdrawal Min.: 20,000 satoshi
  • Withdrawal Delay: +/-1min
  • Withdrawal Fee: None
9.2Overall Score
Reader Rating: (2 Votes)
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Our Expert Review

Are you ready to earn some massive amounts of Bitcoin? Note: This is a great faucet for anyone that has time to spend on the computer, and your earnings can rack up very quickly! The claim intervals are every 5 minutes, but with bonus potions, you can get that number down to mere seconds!

Take Free Bitcoin is a site where earning potential is extremely high. It takes a little bit of time investment, but once you learn the best ways to earn on this site, you’ll be withdrawing bitcoins repeatedly over and over again. With bonus potions to help boost your claims, the earnings are limitless!

Ways to earn FREE Bitcoin on Take Free Bitcoin:

Faucet Loyalty Bonus Bonus Potions

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Additional Information

How to earn Bitcoin on Take Free Bitcoin

Take Free Bitcoin seems simple enough, but don’t let the site fool you! There are methods to earning MUCH more bitcoins than the average user, and if you read this review and guide, you’ll be among the top earners on this reliable faucet!

1. Register your account and sign in.

2. Make your first claim.
Take Free Bitcoin

3. Keep claiming until you start unlocking potions. Potions modify and enhance your claims, and can greatly buff how many bitcoins you ear, and how fast you earn them. You can earn more satoshi per claim, reduce your claim frequency time, and give you an extra percentage of chances to unlock even more potions with every claim.
Take Free Bitcoin

4. After you’ve saved up a few potions, go to your profile and then use the potions! Potions are stackable (up to 10 potions at once), but make sure you remain active while the potions are activated; they each have a certain amount of time that the effects last for. Try playing around with different combinations of potions to maximize your bitcoin earnings per claim!
Stack your bonuses at Take Free Bitcoin

5. Return every day to get a Loyalty Bonus. This bonus increases every day, all the way up to 100%… Which means that you can DOUBLE your claims… EVERY claim! Be careful, though… If you miss out on making a claim within 24 hours of your last claim, your loyalty bonus gets reset to 0!
Get rewarded with a loyalty bonus at Take Free Bitcoin!

Now, imagine having a 100% loyalty bonus, stacking potions on top of that, and then claiming every 5 minutes or less? Yeah, you’ll be earning THOUSANDS of satoshi per hour.

Payments are VERY fast!

The payment speed for Take Free Bitcoin is one of the fastest available out of any faucets on the internet. We receive payment confirmation emails within minutes of requesting a cashout from this site… Every single time!

Proof of Payment
Payment Status: PAYING | Last Payment: March 13, 2016 (Proof on Blockchain)

The payment speed for Take Free Bitcoin is one of the fastest available out of any faucets on the internet. We receive payment confirmation emails within 1 minute after requesting a cashout from this site… Every single time!

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